Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sequoias (What Number?) - Lost Grove

I've lost track of what installment number we're on, but we're still on the last day of our Sequoia trip.  After a little Dirty Dancing on that log, we decided to cross the creek up the stream a bit and see what was on the other side.  Once we crossed we just happened upon a sign pointing us in the direction of Lost Grove (2 miles).  After just a tiny bit of debate, we decided to continue our hike instead of going back.  What the heck, it was our last day right?

On the way, we found our buck friend.  At least, we're assuming it was the same buck.  His trail paralleled the one we were on for quite a while.

We worried every now and then if we were even still ON the trail.  It is obviously much less used than other trails and it seemed to peter out a few times.  With the "It's the journey" thoughts in mind, we just kept going and eventually caught back up with the trail.

Along the way Joanne found us a really nice bear track.

We also went through some really pretty meadows, across a stream or two and generally saw some of the prettiest land around.  All of which I was too tired to take pictures of.  At this point we'd been hiking for about 3 hours, and even with our small breaks I was ready to just be there already.  And just about when we were about to give up, there they were.  And with another grove, came some more Tweedle love.

Tamlin found some sort of den at the base of this tree.  We tried to convince Bug to go down and see how deep it was, but he wasn't interested.  Smart boy.

A little off to the right of the main grove, were several downed Sequoias.  I managed to climb my way up onto one of them and was treated with this amazing view of the Sequoia roots, with a pine tree growing up on the downed tree itself with a sequoia in the background.

You know how people post on facebook a picture of their feet in the sand with the ocean in the background?  No? Maybe it's just a So-Cal thing, but this is my response to that.

I think I dig my view better than theirs.  Joanne managed to scramble her way up onto the tree too, and this view gives a bit more perspective to where I was at.

Then The Tweedles and the guys wandered their way over.  Bunny looks so much like a little wood sprite in this shot.  Everything is so big compared to her.

And of course, we couldn't be up on the downed Sequoia if they couldn't.  So up they came.  And just to be sure I didn't get too caught up in the majesty of it all, I got this photo to keep me grounded.

That liquid on Bug's chin?  That's juice from our apple snack.  He's such a boy.  We stuck around for a little bit then decided to head back for lunch.   On the way we ran into another of these little guys.

The trip back seemed to go much more smoothly and after lunch we had a plan.  We were headed back to Dorst Creek to find a little bit of water to play in for the rest of the afternoon.  Tune in at the same bat time and same bat channel for that little adventure!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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