Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dirty Dancing - Sequoia Style

Once our beautiful buck had wandered off back into the woods, we continued our way down to Dorst Creek.

Where the kids immediately sprinted for the water like they'd never seen running water before.

We all agreed to a little break even if we couldn't agree exactly how far we'd hiked so far.  A few of us thought it was a mile and a half, some thought it was more like a mile.  Who knows.  It's about the journey people remember? The journey?  See, Joanne is all about the journey.  Doesn't she look like she's found her zen space here?  I think she's looking particularly mountain-woman-y in this shot. Like she's ready to carve out a new life from the tundra with her bare (well manicured) hands!

Bunny didn't care about the journey. She cared about the water.  She was more than just a little put-out when I wouldn't let them go for a dip right then and there.

Look at those rock formations though, all smooth and swirly.  How awesome is that?  There just happened to be this pretty amazing downed tree across the creek.

And after a quick photo op, I forced The Hubs to dance with me ala Dirty Dancing style.

"Hey.. Hey hey hey baby.. "

"I wanna know wo wo .. "

".. if you'll be my girl."

And now, for your viewing pleasure.. the real thing.

Your welcome.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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