Saturday, July 21, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

Last week I went to Target and purchased this beautiful glass beverage dispenser.  It's clear even though the photo shows it as being more frosted.

I wanted to use it today for the kids party to put iced tea in.  Plus, you can always find a use for things like this, so I figured it was worth the extra expense.  

This morning, right after I made my cleaning post, I went to the kitchen where the water was boiling.  I picked up my tea kettle and in what must be the blondest of blond moments, I poured the boiling hot water directly into the glass container.  Needless to say, the glass shattered spilling the boiling hot water everywhere.  Did I mention it was boiling hot?

I took this photo 6 hours after the hot water spilled down my leg.  No blisters thank goodness, but I did have to run back to Target to pick up another container in time for the party.

Yeah.. I'm just that blond.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. Oh my gosh, Wendi! How is it this morning? I burned my arm July 3 and the blisters (just a couple of very small ones thank goodness) didn't show up till the next day. It just looked red like that at first. I used Neosporin cream (not the clear ointment) and aloe vera gel on it every day till it scabbed over. The aloe especially helped with pain. Stopped it immediately. It's almost completely gone now.

  2. It's good today. It didn't bother me much last night. I bought a can of durmaplast at Target when I went to get a new container before the party. It says it's good for minor burns.

  3. Dear Lord, Wendi! That looks like a really bad burn! Women, I need you to be more careful. Scary stuff!

  4. Sorry to scare you Norma. Honestly, I was more annoyed at myself for ruining the glass container than I was worried that I'd burned myself. Tells you where my priorities are right?