Sunday, July 22, 2012

Burn Baby Burn - Part Two

While I was at Target replacing our beautiful glass drink dispenser, I also grabbed a can of Dermaplast.

It says it's good for minor burns.  And it did take a good deal of the sting out.  I used it as soon as we got out of Target.  Then again when we got home.  Then I didn't use it again until just before bed.

I had seen a few days earlier a pinterest post about using sponges as ice packs so you don't end up with a drippy mess when it melts.

I thought it was BRILLIANT, so I also picked up some sponges while I was at the store.  And after the party ended and I could just sit for a few minutes, I made sure to ice my leg liberally with two of these home made ice packs.  They worked out perfectly!

There was some concern on facebook last night that the blisters wouldn't appear until this morning.  I'm happy to report I'm blister free.  And from all appearances the red area has diminished considerably.  It doesn't hurt just to think about touching it anymore.  The skin is still warm and it's not completely comfortable, but so much better than yesterday.

The moral of this lesson is buy Dermaplast and sponges for ice packs.  Or maybe it's don't pour boiling hot water into glass containers.  Nah, it's probably buy Dermaplast and sponges for ice packs. 

Seriously... Thoughts?

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