Friday, July 13, 2012

Before and After - Grandparents

My Dad emailed me last night and asked me to clean up a picture of my grandparents (on my mom's side) so they could print it up and put them in their dining room.  Bear in mind that this photo was taken and printed somewhere like Sears of JC Penney's so it's got that textured print look those images have.

This was the picture as I got it:

There was a big scratch down the middle of my grandfather's face.  Lots of dust and mild scratches.  Looks like something may have been growing on the photo on my grandmother's blouse.  And there's a noticeable glow at the bottom of the photo where the image gets all washed out. Not in the worst shape I've seen, but still, not that great.

After some tweeking this is the final product:

I used dust and scratches on their clothes but didn't like how it blurred their faces so I excluded their heads from that filter and used the combination clone stamp and healing brush to fix their faces.  I used a combination of the clone stamp and the healing brush to fix the scratch on my grandfather's face.  And I used the clone stamp to kill whatever was growing on my grandmother's blouse.  The glow at the bottom was a bit more challenging and I ultimately chose a combination of the clone stamp and the healing brush to fix that.

 I already put in a print order so we can add my grandparents to one of my walls as well.

Seriously... Thoughts?

PS. More Sequoias adventures to come and Happy Friday the 13th!

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