Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Familial Love

In October of last year, The Tweedles semi-regularly would come running in the house scared saying they had seen raccoons by our sheds.  This isn't inconceivable.

I mean, there are raccoons in the area, but we did think it was highly unlikely that not only would they be hanging out by our shed, but The Tweedles would be the only ones who would see them.  Turns out the sinister eyes they were seeing under our shed belonged to three of the most adorable little kittens you'd ever seen.

With a little food to tempt them, we managed to get a hold of two of the three kittens (we never did see the third one again, but mama, we knew, was a stray floating around the neighborhood).  Before we left to the farm for Christmas, we assumed they were both boys.  By the time we got back, we knew for SURE that they were brother and sister and about a week later, the girl started going into heat.  For 5-7 days.  Every 10 days.  Yeah, that was fun.

We had to keep them separated for a long time while we waited for our Humane Society appointment to get them both fixed, but it was worth it.  Not only do we now have two very adorable additions to our household.  They are two of the sweetest siblings you'd ever meet.

Just look at them holding each other while they sleep.  On my seat.  Where I work.  But they're so darn cute, how can I move them?  We have something known as kitty rule.  You cannot move a sleeping kitty, nor move if they're sleeping on you.  Kitty rule, rules!

The brown and white one is Rum (our adorable if sneaky little girl).  And the grey and white one is Malibu (who we call Mal for obvious reasons if you know us at all) our very laid back little boy.

MMM.. Nathan Fillion.  Yummy!  Wait, what was I talking about?

The kitten, right.  They're cute and adorable, just like Nathan.

Seriously.. Thought?

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