Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sequoia National Forest VII - Grizzley Falls

Monday after we visited the General Grant Tree we continued down into Kings Canyon to Grizzly Falls.  It was about an hour drive on some of the windiest roads around, but oh my what a view.

The mountains just seemed to go on and on and on.  Makes a person feel pretty small.

The drive was so long, and we'd gotten up so early that Bug and Bunny napped on the way down.  When we stopped at the falls, they weren't in peek performance condition.

I know they look tired and a bit grumpy, but man I love this shot of the two of them.  They may fight and bicker and beat each other up from time to time, but when they're both feeling bad, they come together.  I didn't ask them to pose for this shot.  This is just how I found them when I came around from unpacking lunch from the back of the truck.  Makes a mom happy.

We had lunch at the picnic tables out front, then headed back about 50 feet and there was the falls.  Stunning isn't it?  And since we were at a much lower elevation, it was a lot warmer.  Perfect for splashing around in the water at the foot of the falls.

Bug loved touching the water right off the falls.  Tamlin's wife Joanne got her skinny little self into a bikini and posed Sports Illustrated style for me.

And Bunny and I played peek-a-boo on the rocks (and yes, that was as far up the rocks I would let her climb, I was too afraid she'd fall and have to go to the hospital thereby ruining my vacation!).

The Hubs didn't get into the water, but he did take this really pretty shot of the falls from the side-lines.

And I got this absolutely amazing shot of LW, Bug and Bunny with the falls as the perfect back drop.

Well, it would have been perfect if Bug hadn't been scratching his arm-pit.  Ahh well.. boys.  What can you do?  I got into the water myself even though I didn't bring my suit along.  I didn't get completely wet, but I did want to wet my hair down.  The Hubs shot this incredible shot of me whipping my hair out of the water.  Maybe he should take all of our photos from now on!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

PS. The best and last day of our trip is coming up.. stay tuned!

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