Sunday, July 15, 2012

For the Love of Meat!

Yesterday morning I went out onto our back deck for a little peace and quiet to eat my breakfast.  I walked down the steps, turned the corner and was greeted with the freezer door on our outdoor fridge wide open.  A bag of ice was basically melted and sitting on the deck directly in front of the door.  And the meat.. oh the meat.  The outdoor fridge is where we've been storing a large quantity of our summer meat that I've been buying on sale. Needless to say, it was all thawed out.  And since you can't re-freeze meat, we've been left with quite an ordeal.

One quick trip to the store to pick up 5 different marinades / BBQ sauces to add to the few we already had in the house and we were ready to start marinading.  We have three 1-gallon bags of assorted chicken pieces in 3 different BBQ sauces.  We have two 1-gallon bags of boneless pork chops marinating in an herb and garlic.  One 1-gallon bag of beef ribs marinating in BBQ sauce.  And one 1-gallon bag of steak marinating in Caribbean Jerk.

Our plan?  To cook all of it over the next few nights and have left overs the rest of the week with the hopes of eating it all up before it goes bad.  It will mean getting creative with our meals, but hey, at least the meat will already be cooked every night right?

Last night we started with all three bags of the assorted chicken pieces.

It's going to be a very yummy week.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. Man o man, if only I was closer.... :p. The picture made my mouth water!

  2. I could always move to Austin.. it wouldn't be much of a road trip would it?

  3. Yeah, Austin would be cool! The road trip would be awesome!