Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Sister Bonding

Having had a big sister that was 10 years older than me, I understand the huge gap in sisterly bonding that happens when you're 7 and your big sister is 17.  You don't really play together like friends.  More like a fun babysitter to be honest.   The gap between Bunny and GG is 11 years.  The gap between Bunny and LW is 17 years.  The gap between Bug and GG is 13 years and the gap to LW is 19 years.  Conceivably, LW could have been mom to both of her youngest siblings without too much effort.  Not that we would have wanted her to be 17 and pregnant, but it's not a stretch here people.

I've worked hard to create opportunities for time together. For memories for all of them to create together so they have some common ground.  I know that Bug and Bunny won't ever be as close with GG and LW as they are to each other (either set), but I want them to be able to count on each other when we're gone.  And more importantly, I want them to understand that even when life is happening, college, homework, boyfriends, nights out etc, that family comes first.

Honestly, if you ask Bug or Bunny who's job it is to take care of GG or LW they'll say it's their job.  Who's job is is it to take care of the family? It's their job.  It feels mafia-esque at times, but it's important to say the words out loud so they're real. They're important.  I think too many times we assume kids understand the lessons we're trying to teach them, without actually saying what those lessons are out loud.  I think it's a lot easier for them to get it, when we spell it out for them.  Absolutely you have to practice what you preach for it to work, but spell it out too.  I do this because we take care of family; because it's our job to take care of family.

So when I catch my kids bonding, it's a big deal for me.  Last night during movie night (inside this time so we could start at a reasonable hour) this is the bonding I caught.

A little Bug stretched out on his LW.

A little Bunny cuddling her GG.

For this mom? Best. Night. Ever.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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