Friday, September 14, 2012

Say A Little Prayer For You

Yesterday, while I was making dinner, Bunny came blazing into the house demanding I come outside immediately.. oh and bring your camera.  And I am nothing if not obedient to my daughter's every command.  So, camera in hand, I walked into our backyard to see The Hubs holding something in his hand.  When he opened it up every so slightly, this is what I found.

We've found little, tiny Praying Mantises in our yard before.  Most no bigger than my thumb to the first knuckle, but this guy?

He was a bit larger than usual.

That's The Hubs' arm, just for some perspective.

And while Bug wasn't quite brave enough to hold it himself, Bunny had no such qualms.

I love the wildlife we are lucky enough to encounter now that we spend so much time in the back yard.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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