Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ninjas & Cowboy Boots

Yesterday, we did two pretty awesome things.

The first was a birthday party. It had your basic party elements.  A pool, pizza, grab bags, lots of parents and kids, a play house, a treasure hunt.  Oh yeah, and it had one more element I couldn't forget.

Ninjas!  Best. Birthday. Party. Ever!

We immediately followed this up with an outdoor movie night at the house of one of Bunny's friends.  We got to see a lot of the same parents and kids from the first party at movie night so it made for one great, big, long, play date for Bug and Bunny and maybe for us parents too!  Can I just say there's nothing like watching a movie outside? Kids all snuggled down on blankets on the ground, parents having cocktails in camp chairs.  Such a good time!

The second awesome thing yesterday was Bunny getting her first pair of cowboy boots.  And today for church she was absolutely rockin' that country vibe.

From her cowboy boots to her wooden heart cross necklace to the metal flower hair band, my girl looked good.

Bug wasn't looking to shabby either with his plaid shirt and faux-hawk.

Hope church is ready for these two!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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  1. They both look so CUTE! Those smiles get me, both of them pretending to be shy and all! LOl, can't fool us kiddies, I know what big personalities you got! :D Keira sure did rock those boots, and love the dress brought out the color of her eyes!