Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Extravaganza

What a whirlwind this past Labor Day weekend was!  We opted to spend the weekend in San Diego with our friends Tamlin and Joanne (she needs a nickname.. I know!).  And by opted, I mean, we all failed to plan for a more exotic local, so San Diego it was.  And we didn't stop the whole time we were there.


It started with beach time and a sand mermaid and

a water bug.

Followed by bob-sled sliding at the playground.

There was some lounging by the pool to read trashy romance novels.

There was happy hour at the kid-friendly harbor restaurant.

There was me working with the best work-view I've ever had while these guys..

had the best view in town while two big mast sailing ships had a mock war and shot fake cannon balls at each other.

If you look really close you can see the smoke off to the right of this boat from a cannon shot!

And super close-up views of one of the battling ships as they headed in for the day.

There was sticking our faces into the wind..

and letting the wind blow our hair around,

and dipping our fingers into the water as the swells pushed our little sailboat around.

Even I came up from working to enjoy the view, good friends and family.

There was playing captain and getting sailing lessons from Uncle Tamlin,

and copying Aunt Joanne as she played King of the World!

There was Aunt Joanne falling off the boat as we tried to dock, with Uncle Tamlin running her over with the boat (or trying not to) and The Hubs rescuing on her scraping her all up on the mussels attached to the dock.

There was more pool time and race-diving with The Hubs.

And home in time for watermelon on the deck.

There was time to make new birdie friends,

even if we were a little nervous about it.

And a carousel ride,

that no one was nervous about.

And it all culminated in playing in a huge water fountain.

For something so completely unplanned, this turned out to be an amazing adventure for everyone.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. Now that WAS an amazing Labor Day! You and the littles looked to have had a lot of fun!! Love it, you looked lovely in your single shot! :D

    1. Aww.. thanks Norma. Busiest 3 days we had in a while. I came home and crashed hard!