Friday, September 21, 2012

To Make You Feel My Love

50 years ago today, my parents said I do and committed to a lifetime with each other.  It wasn't a huge wedding, just family for the most part and as I've said before, this is the only photo we have left of that day.

They look so happy don't they?  So young and in love?  For 50 years my parents have weathered good times and bad, sick times and healthy, and are still together.  They had three kids, worked jobs and paid bills, and still found time for each other.  50 years is an inspiration people.. and they've earned every single one.

Eight years ago, when I married The Hubs and the girls, I wanted to play my parent's "song" for them to dance to at my wedding since their anniversary was so soon after.  When I asked, to my shock, they said they didn't have one.

So I gave them one and then forced them to dance to it - and made my mother cry.

I love you Mom and Dad.. Happy Anniversary.  May your Golden Anniversary be filled with all the love you felt on that very first day.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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