Friday, September 28, 2012

10 Random Things:

10 Random Things I thought about but didn't have time to make posts for:

1. Bug is still sick.  He's still fighting the fever but is well enough to be annoyed and bored at having to stay home from school. C'mon Monday!

2. How awesome is it that the Mars rover found legit signs that water once flowed on Mars?  Honestly, I know it's super geeky, but how cool is that??  And not just because there used to be water, but we are able to tell that from 54.6 million kilometers (almost 40 million miles) away!

3. Had a interesting conversation with another mom about 2nd grade homework.  And how often - especially with the math - we have no idea what they're talking about or how to do the homework the way they want it done.  We know the addition, we know the answer, but the process is so completely unfamiliar we're at a loss.  Also, we're both frustrated that last year it was okay for the kids to count on their fingers, but their second grade teachers don't allow it.  What's more frustrating is that other first grade classes didn't allow it either, so now our kids seem to be playing catch-up!  Did I mention our kids go to completely different schools? Glad to know it's not just us.

4. Is it wrong that I really want these salt and pepper shakers?

5. I hate it when I wake up with 80s songs in my head. - Yeah, you're welcome!

6. It's even worse when the above is running through my head but Bunny is singing Momma Mia at the top of her lungs.  These two songs do no go well together.

7. It might have been the mid-week trip to the ER, but I feel like this whole Hubs going into the office every day thing on top of school, just might kill me.

8. Oh yeah baby.  And I wasn't ever a band geek but I still stupidly cheered at my desk through the whole thing.  Awesome! (Thank you Lexa!).

9. I've been looking into buying a new tablet. I want a 10 inch screen.  I want to be able to photo edit, access the internet, check my email, maintain my calendar and have apps to keep the kids entertained just in case we end up in the ER again. I know everyone loves the iPad but I feel very resistant to getting one.  I have no idea why I'm so reluctant.  So I've been exploring other options like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which has a handy stylus for photo editing work.

As well as the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 which you can get an optional keyboard for.

I still don't know what I'll end up with.  Too many choices!

10.  Behind this gate, somewhere in all those trees are two plots of 1'x1' land making The Hubs and I a Scottish Lord and Lady.  Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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