Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cardio, Seat Belts, and a Little Sunscreen Never Hurt Anybody

So you wanna prepare for an apocalypse?  A Zombie apocalypse?  You can start by watching Zombieland (which I STILL haven't seen - be aware, the clip below is graphic and not intended for younger viewers.)

You get some basic rules to live by for survival.  "Cardio.. Seat belts.. and a little sunscreen never hurt anybody."

You could head on over to the CDC (yes THE CDC) and read up on their official Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse and get the official government line on what to do if Zombies attack.  They like to spin it off like it's a spoof to learn about how to prepare for a REAL emergency, but we know the truth, don't we.

(Wait, how is that suppose to be written? we know the truth. Don't we? - I mean, it's a question, but not really because the inflection is in a different place.  If you know how it's written, please comment below, this is bugging me!)

Or you can do what my friend Jennie and others all over the US are doing.  A Zombie Run.

In her case, it was a 5k run with 18 obstacles.

You could go around an obstacle if it's too difficult, just remember, in a real zombie attack, obstacles will slow them down more than you and going around could have fatal consequences.  And of course, what good would a Zombie run be, if you weren't dodging zombies the whole way, hmmm?

This is a marathon I could really get into.  Unfortunately, while there is one happening in SoCal I could attend called Run For Your Lives in Temecula, I've got a scheduling conflict that weekend so I can't go.  If anyone knows of a similar race either in San Diego or Los Angeles let me know.. I'm DYING to dodge some zombies!

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. Life-size bleeding zombie targets . . . need I say more?

    Oh, and my b-day is approaching faster than a hoard of undead . . . need I say more? :)