Thursday, September 20, 2012

Logistically Speaking

This is what my current camera bag looks like.
It's.. functional.  It's black and bulky and has big straps and buckles and while I'm not a fashion plate by any stretch of the imagination, I know it's not stylish.  It's more like what tourists take on vacations and wander around with in their black socks and sandals, so everyone who sees them will know for a fact, that they are a tourist on vacation.  Plus, it's just plain ugly.  And logistically, who wants to carry around a purse AND a camera bag when they're out and about?

The solution? A camera bag that looks more like a purse.  Like the Ginger Camera Bag from Epiphanie  in slate blue.

It's not a whole lot bigger than the purse I currently own. And it would nicely compartmentalize everything I already have in my purse, 

along with my camera, a spare lens and room to spare.

Oh, or maybe the Lola in red, also from Epiphanie.

A little bit more rock and roll but still nicely compartmentalized for all my things.

Never one for purses to begin with, my current bag isn't all that big.  But if I wanted to go a little bigger,

I might consider this Kelly Moore Two Sues Bag in Raspberry.

Still a lot of space for camera/lens/accessories.

And this great little side pocket for credit cards / IDs and extra memory cards.

How sleek is that?

I also really like the Gracie from Jo Totes

and the Betsy also from Jo Totes.  Both of which have plenty of space and extra pockets for cell phones and other things.

Is it just me?  Do these appeal to anyone else?  

Ahh well, maybe if I'm super good, Santa will bring me one for Christmas.  

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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