Monday, September 10, 2012

All That Glitters

I'm slowly learning some practical things about lighting as I take more and more photos and read and read and read some more about photography.  When I took LW out for photos the other weekend, I knew what I was trying to capture.

1. Close-up in a manner that matches the other kids. ie - face shot with eyes looking at the camera.
2. I wanted to catch LW being LW.
3. I wanted those pretty highlights in her eyes.

One and two I didn't think would be issues.. and they weren't.  But when we got out there, three was causing me some issues.

I remember reading somewhere that you should turn your subject around to find the best light for those highlights.  But when I did that, I couldn't find it.  I knew it was about reflecting the light but I knew I was missing a concept here.  So, I focused on one and two for the first part of the photo shoot.  I did get just a tiny bit of the reflections I was looking for, but not the glittery eye drawing kind I knew was possible.

When she was just about through with me barking out orders like - turn this way, lay down on the wet grass and stop being a sissy and tilt your head a little bit, we moved under some trees and I made her stop to take a few more photos and VIOLA!  The missing piece!  I knew if I just bossed her around long enough I'd find it! Taking us into a more shaded area with filtered light allowed the more sunny area behind me to highlight those pretty eyes.  It also did wonders towards evening out the color on her face (I was so upset with the weird hot spots on some of the other shots - like the one above on her nose).

By this time, she was about ready to kill me, so I got a few more really amazing shots and then let her take her sun burned self home.  Next time, I'll know how to start it to get what I'm looking for and maybe I'll get even better shots.  Still need to work on getting myself off the manual settings.   Gotta do a bit more reading and then let myself be okay with photos that don't turn out how I want.  I think that's the hardest part.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. So did you end up useing #3? Twas my favorite from day one :D

  2. I will use #3 when I get the images printed. Right now we're just waiting for the funds to open up. Once I do though, I post a picture of how they all came out on my wall!