Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Cinderella Story.. Sorta

It wasn't midnight, but it was close..

Okay, maybe "close" is an over statement, but she did race home after a long, hard first day of college, and she might have turned into a pumpkin.  Now, we'll never know.

When greeted by me and my camera had the audacity to ask "Really?"

Of course, really.  I mean honestly, does she not know me at all?  I know her well enough though.

She wouldn't be my GG if there wasn't shopping!  Are those new sunglasses I spy with my little eye??  Maybe some new aviators to replace the ones she lost jet skiing a few weekends ago?

Looks like she'll do okay with this college thing.  She even told me she made some friends already. So BAM!  Take that college!  My girl is ready for whatever you got!  Of course, I think I heard her mumble something about "stalkerazzi" but I'm probably just hearing things.  More photos to come!

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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