Saturday, August 11, 2012

Home Grown Artwork

I took these photos at various times over the last year or so.

Super close-ups of the kids.  All the dirt on Bug's face included.

I even managed to get this lovely shot of GG using the manual settings on my camera!  Be proud.

All the kids, except for LW.  I haven't managed to take one of her, that I loved as much as I love these.  In part I think this because she doesn't like to sit still and have her picture taken, so I always feel rushed.  Once I get one of LW that I like, I plan to get them printed on 20" tall canvases and hang them in a set of four on our living room wall.  Maybe all side by side.

Maybe in a four-square.

I've even played around with the idea..

of making them..

black and white.

And maybe by posting this, LW will swing by (when she gets back from visiting with her mom in TN) and sit still long enough for me to get a great shot of her too.  Is that a good enough hint do you think?

What do you guys like best, color or black and white?

Seriously... Thoughts?


  1. I like the sise by side black and white. Good shot btw!

  2. thanks Norma! I'm definitely leaning to the side by side still not sure about color vs black & white.

  3. Side by side and in color is my vote! Great pics!