Monday, August 13, 2012

Much Ado About Ponds

The Hubs spent time late Saturday night / early Sunday morning putting in a little mini sprinkler system in our back yard to water our garden.  After going parts and pieces shopping on Saturday afternoon, he realized Saturday night that he was missing a piece and ran back to our local OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) to pick it up.  He also came home with this.

It's a pond, but not a very big one.  They used this as a display model (you can tell that right?) and were selling it for $15.  This is about a 90 gallon pond (I don't know the specifics though) but this size usually runs about $100.  Of course, now that we have the preformed pond, we'll have to spend a lot more money for the water pump, filter, tubes etc to get it up and running, not to mention the manual labor to dig the hole and the rocks to landscape it.  However, that's a project for another day since we don't have the money for it now.

We do, however, know where we want to put it, and roughly what it will look like.

In the far back corner of our yard is this empty space.  It's right next to the road and along that back fence is also our sheds, so it's sort-of a black hole space in terms of use.

With the small size of the pond, it wouldn't even interfere with our slip and slide space.  I think a lovely little Koi pond with a small waterfall would look perfect back there.  Don't you?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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