Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day

Today is the first day of school for The Tweedles.  And Bug's first day of all day school.  He's attending a new program called Transitional Kindergarten.  In our school district, they're moving the cut off date to be age five to correspond with the first day of school.  Originally, up until this year, it was Dec. 1st but this year they moved it to Nov. 1st, and Bug just misses the cut off.  For all those kids that would have made the cut off if they had not moved it, they set up TK.  Unfortunately, they only have four TK classes in the district, so Bug and Bunny are at different schools again this year.  Fortuantely, it's all day like Kinder, with a modified curriculum.  The plan is to attend one year of TK and then go on to regular Kinder next year.  Although, I did just find out that the TK teacher can recommend that a child be moved right up into first grade if they're ready.  Interesting to know, but we'll see how it all shakes out.  I won't be disappointed either way.  If he goes onto Kinder, he'll move to Bunny's school and get her old Kinder teacher (who we LOVE!), and if they bump him up to first grade, he'll be back with a lot of his friends from Pre-K, so that works too.

This morning, Bug rolled out of his room half asleep as usual around 6:30 am.  I got a groggy hug and kiss and he went to sit down.  When I asked him if he was ready for his first day of school he perked right up and practically yelled "YES!"  Once we got him all fed and dressed, he looked right at me, smiled and said, "I'm going to have a GREAT day at school Mommy!"  And then my heart melted and I became a little puddle at his feet.  That boy has me wrapped.

We always take pictures out in front of this tree.  If we ever move, we'll have to transplant the tree to go with us!  So here's the boy, with his bumble bee backpack and his Toy Story lunch box all ready for his first day.

His new school has a uniform policy.  So in a rare show of solidarity, Bunny wore an outfit as close to a uniform as her school gets.

This is her "attitude" pose, she insisted on for her first photo.  I don't know where she gets this stuff!  Although, I don't know how "gangsta" you can really be with a Barbie backpack and a Disney Princesses lunch box.  She sure tries to pull it off though!

Ahh, there, now that's more like it.  I admit to getting a little misty when I dropped the kids off this morning.  I wish I could go back to when they were both still my little babies and let them grow up all over again.  Now I have Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" in my head.

And now so do you. Your welcome.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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  1. Now that scene from Will & Grace is in my head when Jack meets Cher and thinks she's a female impersonator of herself, and he's correcting how she's singing the song - "No, it's Tahowm, if I could turn back Tahowm"

    (It's only funny if you saw it.) :)