Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rich Fantasy Life

In my future life I plan to be rich.  Not swimming in piles of millions rich, but really well off rich.  Well off enough to afford a boat.  I have a very developed fantasy life.  And what better time to go boat shopping than at the marina in San Diego where our friends live?

I really liked this power boat catamaran.  The back doors at the bottom make it perfect for diving, which The Hubs would love with plenty of room on deck not to be tripping over Tweedles.  It's a power boat though, so gas prices might be an issue, even for my really well off rich scenario.

Here's another really pretty power boat.  It's much bigger than the catamaran.  Wonder how many people it sleeps.

This old wooden sailboat was so cool!  Love the old style feel of it.

Not quite as slick as this wooden boat (The Amazing Grace) with it's climbable masts.  Definitely having pirate fantasies here.

This huge guy was pretty impressive.  I think we'd need a captain for this big boy though.  Not sure my really well off rich scenario can afford a captain to go with our sailboat.

We stumbled upon this really amazing catamaran sailboat.  She.Is. Beautiful.

This is the sleek beauty I decided on though.  Gas prices be damned.

The Esperanza it is.  I told The Hubs to get on that, but I think he just rolled his eyes at me again.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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