Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charolais White

Since I came into the lives of The Hubs, LW and GG, I have spent a fair amount of time teaching them that there is only one type of real cow.  These are Charolais, (pronounced shar-LAY ) which are french beef cattle my grandfather / uncle raised on the farm in Texas.

I've trained them all (including The Tweedles) to recognize Charolais cows on sight.  They're all white and the bulls have that curly hair on their foreheads.  I take great pride every time they can pick them out from the other riffraff.

These are better left on the boxes of gateway computers or in milk commercials.

These ones always look like they just rolled around too long in the Texas red clay.

And don't even get me started on these guys.  Quite frankly, up until now, there hasn't been a cow that can rival Charolais in my heart.  Which is weird to say, since most people don't have room in their hearts for cows. And while I don't think I will love any other cow more than Charolais, I've stumbled across one that comes close.

These shaggy long-haired lovelies are highland cows.  You know, from Scotland.

Look how cuddly and sweet these little guys are.  I just wanna squeeeeeeeeze 'em. And love 'em.  And put one in my pocket and take it home and name it Hamish.

And they even come in Charolais white.  Who wouldn't love these guys?

Lady Seriously.. Thoughts?

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