Sunday, August 12, 2012

Before & After: Dad's Family

My dad sent me this photo of his family before his dad, Wilbur passed away.  My Aunt Wanda (who has since passed away) on the right, my dad is to her left and my Uncle Jerry is the littlest.   It wasn't until I started working on this, that I realized how much my sister looked like my Aunt Wanda.  Crazy how genetics work no?

The image is soft over-all and lacking in contrast.  And has a lot of dust, scratches and what appear to be a few holes.  And it looks like someone may have gotten their finger slightly in the photo on the left hand side.  There are also some creases on the upper left and right side of the photo.  Love that cool old car.

And here's the after.  My Dad is guessing this photo was taken around 1947 or 1948.  So, not long after WWII ended and the very tail end of the Great Depression.  If you look my dad's pants are way too long.  I think it might have been a sign of the times and being so poor when he was growing up.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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