Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank God For Little Girls...

This past school year we were overwhelmed with all things Senior.  GG started with her first day of school as a Senior.

She tried out for Rose Court and while she wasn't chosen to be a rose princess, she got to go to the Rose Ball with this cutie who became her boyfriend soon after. 

There were more dances of course.

And some classes.  I mean, I'm pretty sure there were some classes in there somewhere.  And she got to apply for schools, and then wait not so patiently to hear back.  We got the thrill of getting accepted to her first school of choice.  And followed it up with the confusion, although still thrilled, when she actually ended up choosing a completely different school.

She had casual dates with her boyfriend.

And he was her escort to Senior Prom.

She got to go on her Senior Hike.

She got to sing with her church choir for one last time.

She even got to have her senior photos taken.

She got to go to Senior Night, order her class ring, her cap and gown, and her graduation announcements, which I'm pretty sure are still sitting in somewhere in her room - un-mailed.  She even got her Graduation Party with her friends and family around her.

And it all culminated in this.

It took us a while to locate her in that sea of faces.

But we did.

And she blew us all kisses while we waited for it to start.

And then they talked.  And talked.  And talked.  

Don't they all look thrilled?  And then it was her turn to walk.

And then shake hands.

And all too quickly that little girl I met when she was 5, 

was suddenly a high school graduate heading off to college.  And I honestly don't know where all the time went.  But here's what I do know.  She has grown so much in the 12 years I've known her - grown into a strong, intelligent, beautiful young woman.  And despite all of the experiences of the last 17 years,

she is about to start probably the most exciting time in her life.  I'm excited and admittedly a little jealous. But mostly, I just can't wait to see where she'll go next.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. When I got to her 5yr old picture, I wanted to cry. She's all grown up, Wendi. Where did the time go?! :D You are one special Step-Mom-Diva!

  2. Thanks Norma. :) She got all grown up when I wasn't looking. I don't know how that happened. I tried squishing her head down a few times to keep her from getting taller than me, but that didn't work. I guess we just have to deal with them growing up. Good thing I have Bug and Bunny to keep me busy :)

  3. Definitely a bunch of nostalgia for me there too. We first met when she was 6yrs old. I still fondly remember looking forward to the nights when I would read her bedtime stories and play our games with her imaginary friends. Then she got to go to my wedding and celebrate with us. I watched from afar as she grew into a caring, funny young woman and then wham she's off to college. So excited for her as she begins this new chapter in her life. I love you, GG!

  4. Time passes quickly. I've been there since she was born. Dylinn is a wonderful young woman. Great things await her.