Friday, August 10, 2012

Endeavor Please

It has been brought to my attention (Thanks Mimi!) that the space shuttle, Endeavor, will be arriving in Los Angeles and will make a 2-day trek through city streets to its final home, the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

We plan to be there for at least one of those days - although we suspect it will be late night / wee hours of the morning - as the space shuttle winds it way through downtown LA at 2-miles per hour.  The shuttle itself is 57 feet tall at the tip of the tail and has a wingspan of 78 feet so they're going to be doing a fair amount of prep between now and then trimming or removing trees and during the trek itself, removing signs and turning light posts around so it will fit.

Quick facts on the Endeavor:

  • 25 mission over 2 decades
  • Circled the Earth more than 4,600 times
  • Spent 299 days in space
  • It carried the crews that assembled the first U.S. component of the International Space Station
  • Has docked at the space station 12 times
  • Logged nearly 123 million miles beyond Earth

This will be a once in a lifetime event and we'll be there, kids in tow.  I even promise to take photos (maybe I'll know how to use my camera by then!) for everyone.  The shuttle is expected to land at LAX on Sept. 20th and start the move on Oct. 12th.  Anyone want to join us?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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