Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sailing Sailing Over the Ocean Blue

In San Diego Harbor you see the darnedest things.

Puppy and owner paddling around in a blow-up kayak.

Who was friendly enough to come closer so we can get a better photo.

It's got pelicans just hanging out

And people everywhere fishing.

There's sailboats of course.

There's also smaller military boats...

and bigger military boats they're refurbishing (The Hubs says this is called a Air Craft Carrier and I'm not sure but I think he also rolled his eyes).

There's big military boats you can walk through.  This is The Midway which my parents took us to when they visited last. (Again, The Hubs says this is an aircraft carrier, not a boat - he's getting quite insistent).

There's huge container ships that honestly could plow over you and never be able to stop in time.  It's wise to stay out of their way.

There's older boats like The Star of India which is a merchant ship (A clipper ship according to The Hubs) and the world's oldest active sailing ship.

There's an even older wooden ship used in the filming of Master and Commander, The HMS Surprise.  It apparently built in the 1970's as a replica of the 18th century Royal Navy frigate Rose.

There was a B-39 Russian Sub (The Hubs says Soviet Sub and in this case, he says I can call it a boat and this time he really did roll his eyes, I'm sure of it). This is an actual Soviet era diesel-electric sub.

There's the Stars & Stripes - the ship that won the America's Cup.  We've seen this in action on other trips and man can they make this boat fly through the water.  It's impressive to see.

And another cool masted boat called The California, the official tall ship for the state of California and a replica of the 1847 Revenue Cutter, C.W. Lawrence an original Coast Guard cutter during the Gold Rush.

And not to be outdone, a USS Dolphin Submarine the deepest diving submarine in the world.

On the shore, they're building a really cool replica of an old style Spanish Ship called the San Salvador.  This is history coming to life and there are all sorts of demonstrations from ship building, sail making and blacksmithing to Native American Kumeyaay demonstrations like tulle boats, baskets and pottery making.

And of course, Coast Guard Boats (those guys are such hotties!).

And just when you think the waters are safe..

A pirate ship sneaks up on you.

This is just an average day in San Diego folks.

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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