Monday, August 6, 2012

Before & After - Aviation Cadet

In light of it being my Dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Dad!! - I give you my latest Before and After project.

This is my Dad's Aviation Cadet photo taken around 1960.  Aviation Cadets was founded in 1907 by the US Army Signal Corps to train it's pilots.  In 1947, the US Air Force took over the program and stopped taking civilians and enlisted pilot candidates in 1961 and navigator candidates in 1965.  So my dad got in just under the wire!

It's got some fold lines, yellowing from age, and a few scratches and dust, but overall this photo is in pretty good shape.

A little bit of clean-up mostly for color and voila.  Not my most dramatic Before & After, but I know it will mean a lot to my Dad.  And isn't this why I do it?  To bring memories back to life and make them like the day they were taken?

Seriously.. Thoughts?

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