Monday, August 27, 2012

This Is: Frosh

This is: The Bag she took to school today.

This is: The Notebook she'll use in her classes.

This is: The Religious Studies Homework that isn't due today and she says she isn't going to do on the way, but we all know she will.

This is: The Coffee mug she put her instant coffee in this morning because she forgot to set the coffee maker to make real coffee.

This is: The Dress Up cowboy hat her dad tried to convince her to wear for the first day of school but she refused.

This is: Breakfast, to go with her instant coffee.

This is: Her Dad, looking a little tired and grumpy.

This is: Her Walking out the door for her first day.

This is: Her First Day of School photo - at 5:45 AM.

This is: too.

This is: Her Good Luck on Her First Day as a College Freshman Post.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


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  2. I'm just amazed that she was smiling at 5:45 in the morning! 8o