Sunday, August 19, 2012

3:10 To Yuma

Friday night we dropped The Tweedles off with their Aunt and Uncle (THANK YOU!), grabbed LW and GG and drove down to San Diego on our way to Yuma, AZ..... in August.  Normally, heading out to Yuma in the height of the summer heat, wouldn't be on our top list of things to do, but our good friend Bear was turning 40, and his wife said to us "Come out and surprise him." and we of course, always do what we're told.

A quick pit stop in San Diego for the night at Tamlin and Joanne's to wrap presents and play with duct tape and the next morning we were off.

Yuma is a desert.

It's where our friend Bear, his wife and two kids hangs their hat.

And despite Tamlin's best efforts to let the cat out of the bag, I think he was a little surprised to see all of us. As our reward for driving all that way?  They took us to the local lake to cool off.

We did some of this..

And some of this...

We did a lot of this.

Then we did a little more of this..

There was some love dovey stuff on the boat..

that we promptly made fun of.

Some of us showed off our natural talents..

and what we weren't so talented at.

And some of us were just (wind) swept away by it all.

Seriously.. Thoughts?


  1. Last of the Mohicans -

  2. Do I have to keep proving I'm not a robot? The code words are hard to read. How many robots do you really get who try to post???

  3. Yes, you do. :) It's not me, it's blogger. They want me to be safe and happy.

  4. This is a robot posting - thank you. (Tamlin, wear your glasses.)